Trying to be healthy? Dislike the flavors of soda alternatives like La Croix? (P.S La Croix is amazing) Try infused waters! If you’re like me, you love sodas and sweets but also need to make healthier choices. I have been experimenting with different fruit and herb combinations and found a few winners. Pack a few bottles in the fridge for a quick and delicious fix for your sugar cravings!

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I don’t want to go out any buy yet another fancy, specialized water bottle to let sit in my cabinet, I use Voss water to start because it comes in large glass bottles that can be reused. I suggest glass bottles rather than plastic because plastic bottles are often weak and can contain harmful chemicals that release into the water.

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Infused water doesn’t need a recipe, just different fruits, herbs, and spices that you enjoy. My favorite infused water combination is lemon, mango, cayenne pepper, and a touch of honey. Strawberry and basil is also a delicious, herbaceous water. (It also works for flavoring vodka!)

Calling all Truffle Buffs!

Here we have some gougères (cheese puffs) filled with a white truffle goat cheese, topped with toasted pine nuts, thyme honey, shaved black truffles, and finished with micro arugula.

If you’re looking for something less intense, try adding .5x the amount of cheese into the pâte a choux for a stronger flavor and moister interior combined with less time in the oven. If you want something less pungent than truffles, fill the gougères with a whipped lemon herb goat cheese and top with micro arugula and a balsamic reduction drizzle.

Almond Revamp

Tired of plain old almonds at snack time?

Try spicing up some raw almonds with some extra virgin olive oil and Old Bay and roasting them at 325º for about 20 minutes!

If you’re concerned about the sodium content Old Bay has a reduced-sodium seasoning as well!