Vitamix 780

One of the most useful tools in the kitchen is my Vitamin 780. Some of its features include a Touchscreen Control Panel, automated blending, a low-profile 64 ounce container, and a pulse feature.

The automated blending feature has five pre-programmed settings: smoothie, frozen, soup, cleaning, and puréeing. The puréeing feature works great for nut butters!

Let me introduce my first and current culinary academic environment: The University of Alabama.

I am currently a Restaurant and Hospitality Management major with a concentration in restaurants. One of the classes I am currently enrolled in is a food preparation class that includes a “lab” once a week. Well…. Welcome to my “lab.” There are several rows of prep stations equipped with an oven and stove top. The first time I walked into our fully equipped kitchen I imagined myself on Chopped: this time your GPA depends on it. We are using the On Cooking textbook and matching lab manual that have the recipes we use.

The beginning… Kind of…

Who Says Almonds Have to be Healthy?

This almond torte uses almond extract, almond paste, amaretto, and a whole bunch of quality Irish butter! I have made this recipe many times and once I tried out some Irish butter as opposed to regular unsalted butter, I have NEVER gone back! This torte is light, fluffy, buttery, rich, and timeless. Whether it be my go-to dinner party dessert or a guilty please with my morning coffee, this is one recipe that I will never forget!

When making this torte it can be served as above, or with a raspberry reduction and a quenelle of vanilla bean ice-cream or gelato.